Chance to sign up for TC2 Workshop at ETN (Austria)

Handloom weaving

Digital Weaving Norway’s Vibeke Vestby will be co-teaching a training workshop along with weaving lecturer Elisabeth Stotzler at the European Textile Network’s (ETN) Conference that takes place in Austria this July! It is great chance to get your hands on both the TC2 and TC1 loom and spend the summer in the idyllic little town of Haslach.

The TC2 digital Jacquard loom allows you to quickly create designs and ideas in fabrics. Inspired by the theme “Garden of Eden” you will develop two fabrics that together can make a pair. The two instructors will show you different ways of doing this: you can try two looms, the TC1, the first digital hand Jacquard loom, and the TC2, an improved development from Digital Weaving Norway. The creation of the digital file to control the loom can be done in Photoshop, or in the CAD program Arahne. Your digital file may be a design or a photograph. Both planning and know-how as well as experimentation and creativity are required to explore the multitude of design possibilities and to find an individual Approach.

Find all the details about the workshop here.