Check out these luxury ponchos by Fiona Sperryn!

Check out these luxury ponchos by Fiona Sperryn!

Fiona Sperryn, who’s based out of Cornwall (UK), recently shared pictures of her works with us – luxury ponchos woven on the TC2 loom! Fiona says she continues to enjoy the freedom the TC2 loom has given her and is experimenting fully with design ideas, application of colour and technical improvement.  She continues to design from her drawings along themes which explore her natural environment.

Fiona has developed a range of ponchos for women, which allows the wonderful tactile qualities of the woven cloth in the artworks to be fully appreciated and enjoyed.

The first pictures show the journey to poncho from drawing via artwork hanging.  The artwork was woven from bottom to top whereas the poncho is woven from side to side and all the structures had to be reworked.  If you look closely you can see the orangutan body fur waves in different directions!

The other ponchos play with the traditional overshot pattern Johann Speck.  It’s been made into a two-sided cloth in supersoft merino wool and is worked on an end ‘n’ end black and white cotton warp.

The last picture shows student designs from a successful day’s ‘Introduction to Jacquard’ course.  It was quite a fun, relaxed day with novice weavers who were fascinated by the design process and thrilled with the results.


You can take a look at more of her works on Instagram @fionajsperryn. 

Also, there’s a new website coming soon at the existing address:!