Hanna’s inspirations come from Natural and Urban settings


As a part of “What’s on your Loom” – we present the works of Vancouver-based Artist Hanna Haapasalo. In 2006, she got her first jacquard loom (TC-1), and in 2016 she upgraded to a TC-2. To her, the complexity of life, which changes its mood with color, is reflected in multi-layered weave.


About Hanna…

Hanna is a Jacquard Artist living in Vancouver, Canada. She finished her artisan training in Finland, with her main focus on textile art. From Finland, Hanna has migrated first to Oslo in Norway in 1996 and then to Vancouver in 2004. Hanna’s passion has long been abstract expression through weaving. Hanna’s inspiration comes both from nature and the urban environment. Random patterns in nature and architectonic lines and proportions in the city are very different, yet they have something in common. In some of her work Hanna brings the two elements together into a dynamic combination of order and chaos.

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