Nature meets Industrial Aesthetic in Meredith’s works

Nature meets Industrial Aesthetic in Meredith's works

For our “What’s on your Loom” series, where we feature woven works by fiber artists from across the world, we present the creations by Meredith Thorndike Campbell! For her textile designs, Meredith is inspired by the textures and patterns around her. Living in Detroit, a city full of design inspiration, her designs are influenced by its nature meets the industrial aesthetic.

Meredith says that for her woven crafts, she enjoys Jacquard weaving on the TC2 loom. She loves how it meshes the tradition of weaving and craft with the digital age. “It is very satisfying to see your original designs become a beautiful, tangible and tactile product,” adds Meredith.

Here’s a note from Meredith…

“I am very thankful Wayne State University bought a TC2 early on, that I was able to use while a student there. My professor Heather Macali works with a TC2 for her own work and has been a great resource to me.  As an emerging textile artist, it has given me a great way to express my designs.  It’s versatile as a prototyping loom, but also as a tool for artistic expression. I love this loom and am going to miss getting to use one as I relocate to NYC for an internship. One day I hope to have one of my very own in my own studio! Happy to share some of the pieces I have made using it.”


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