Impressions: Cathryn Amidei’s three weeks in China

Our representative in the US, Cathryn Amidei, was in China for three weeks in December. She was there to give the staff and students at the China Art Academy in Hangzhou a refresher training workshop on “Digital Weaving on the TC2”. And from what she tells us, it was quite an enriching experience! The School got two TC2s in 2017 and Vibeke Vestby and Helle Ekaas from DWN were there for a training way back then as well.

Training Workshops on the TC2 loom!

As more and more TC2 looms find new owners, there’s a constant need to get them to discover the loom to its true potential through training, and these past weeks Vibeke Vestby been doing just that! First she was at the Textile Society of America’s Symposium, where she took a post-conference Jacquard Weaving Workshop. Then, she was at Konstfack in Sweden and lastly she visited the Design School at Kolding (Denmark).

Cathryn Amidei conducts TC2 training workshops at The Jacquard Center!

In the Summer of 2018, a series of four training workshops were offered in the newly-renovated professional studio space at The Jacquard Center in Hendersonville, North Carolina. Cathryn Amidei from Digital Weaving USA conducted the workshops and guess what, all of it happened on the brand new TC2!