Norwegian artist’s commission for a newspaper!

Norwegian artist's commission for a newspaper!

Arna Kristine Lund-Johnsen is a Norwegian artist who specializes in textile and photography and her latest creation is a commission for a local newspaper. They asked Arna to create a woven piece based on the photographs for their new locations and the only criteria they had was that they wanted something in blue.


Back in 2009, Arna worked on a series where the light shifting across the sky as the time passed, made the photography. This was a series consisting of twelve pictures. And when Arna got the commission from the newspaper, she already had the motif ready! “I hope that the motif will inspire the journalists to have big thoughts and that they are able to relax and daydream looking up at the sky,” says Arna.

Since she started weaving in 2006, Arna has been working mostly with thin-steel thread as the weft and many of her projects/series have been created by combining a cotton warp and steel tread weft, so when this commission came along, she was ready for some more colours. For this artwork, Arna has used 12-end satins with four shuttles. The warp is cotton and she’s used wool, linen and steel tread as weft.


Originally from Kristiansund, a serene town on the west coast of Norway, Arna Kristine currently lives and works in Oslo. Having studied in the capital for many years, she graduated from Oslo National Academy of the Arts in 2010 with an MA in Visual Arts. When she is not using her TC2 at her studio, you will find her working as a workshop manager in the textile department at the Oslo National Academy of the Arts.