Scarves by Luxembourg-artists at national exhibition!

Scarves by Luxembourg-artists at national exhibition!

Luxembourg-based artists Lily and Pit Weisgerber’s latest creations were selected for the prestigious national exhibition “de Mains de Maîtres”, which has now turned into a Biennale. The works of art that were chosen for this exhibition had to tell a story and Lily and Pit decided to put forth the metamorphosis of butterflies, with scarves woven on the TC2 and on a Megado loom.


Their work titled “Metamorphosis” (first from left below) was woven with silk both in the warp and weft. “Flying Butterflies” (Centre) was done with over-twisted silk in the centre, normal silk for the sides and silk for the weft, two extra-colour weft for the sides and finished in hot water. And “Wing” (On the right) was woven on the Megado loom with silk and linen and over-twisted silk to achieve the folds with hot water finishing.

The other scarves are woven in their favorite material Silka Cashmere – Silk 70/30 %. Recently, Lily and Pit have started experimenting with more colours and the results they say are “very inspiring”. Their next step will be to start using different weave structures – so far, they have been working mainly with satins.

Last year, a second TC2 loom was added to their studio in Luxembourg – this time a 1-Wide loom, which is their daughter Michèle’s favourite! Lily and Pit say that Michèle enjoys developing very particular designs, often with kaleidoscopic inspirations and special sources from microscopic elements.

Their other daughter Vera, who is a visual designer will join in soon and they’ll try to turn some of her works into weavings. “So many more fascinating experiences to look forward to with our marvelous looms,” the couple says! Here are a few of the works created on the 1-Wide TC2 loom:


Lily has been a weaver for more than 40 years, trained in Switzerland, Finland and Sweden. She gave weaving classes for adults and children in various institutions and now, after retiring age, gives classes in her workshop in Contern and supports the small weavers community in Luxembourg selling looms, materials, providing guidance and offering a small sales platform for a variety of woven articles. Pit has been fascinated by Lily’s craft and always helped setting up looms, organizing workshops and after retiring from his software-supporting job, joined in actively in the weaving process. They say that it is great that they can now enjoy their TC2 together and achieve many beautiful designs that they dreamt of so long ago!


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