TC2 training workshops at The Jacquard Center!

TC2 training workshops at The Jacquard Center!

This Summer, a series of four training workshops were offered in the newly renovated professional studio space at The Jacquard Center in Hendersonville, North Carolina. Cathryn Amidei from Digital Weaving USA conducted the workshops and guess what, all of it happened on the brand new TC2 loom! Two of these training sessions took place in June and the other two in July.

The focus of the workshops was on digital design for woven construction using Photoshop and hand-weaving of jacquard cloth using the TC2. The goal was to help every participant learn methods and processes that improve the quality of their weaving and their project. Both Mac and PC environments are supported. Access to Arahweave (an industrial weaving software) will be available in the near future.

Here are a few glimpses from the training sessions:


In addition to the open workshops, future workshops will be offered on specific topics, such as warping methods, working with multiple warp and wefts systems and care and maintenance of the loom.  A residency program with technical support is also in planning. The program will accept proposals from individuals or small groups to stay at the Jacquard Center and develop (and/or) produce a project on the TC2.


The Jacquard Center at Hendersonville, North Carolina, aims at facilitating excellence in the research, design and production of jacquard fabric. The idea is to create a concept studio- one that inspires those who use it to work better, “think jacquard” and take ideas and practices back to their own spaces.

Practices at the Jacquard Center are informed by the tight relationship that Cathryn Amidei has with Bethanne Knudson, co-owner and designer at the renowned Oriole Mill and with Vibeke Vestby inventor and producer of the TC2.


This past winter, a new weaving studio was created in The Jacquard Center building. That building has attractive and well-appointed common spaces, four comfortable bedrooms, and resides in a beautiful mountain setting.

The construction of the studio included, a dedicated environmental management system (new HVAC) heated flooring, insulation for the walls, a wall of windows, excellent lighting and carefully planned studio appointments, focusing on safe, efficient and ergonomic practices.

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